"The Classic"

Two slices of Case's Pork Roll & American cheese on a sandwich bun. Yum.

"The Thunder Dog"

A Thunder baseball classic! A grilled jumbo hot dog, wrapped in sliced American cheese, wrapped again in Case's sliced and grilled Pork Roll served on a fresh, soft-baked torpedo roll.

"The Trenton Burger"

A savory grilled quarter-pound hamburger covered with melty American cheese, with a slice of grilled Case's Pork Roll.


"Oink, Cluck & Moo"

Sliced Case's Pork Roll, yummy scrambled eggs, and melty American cheese on a Kaiser roll.

"Little Piggies"

Pork Roll Sliders with Bacon Cheddar Cheese on a Pretzel Bun

RiverFest Web Bad Wolf.jpg

"The Big Bad Wolf"

Burger with Pork Roll, Mac N Cheese, Pulled Pork, and Onion Rings

"The Greasy Pig"

RiverFest Web Greasy Pig.jpg

Pork Roll, Breakfast Sausage, Egg, Cheese, drizzled with maple syrup, between two hash browns