2017 Results

1. Carmen Cincotti, #2, Mays Landing, NJ - 40

2. Darron Breeden, #8, Orange, VA - 33

3. Dud Light, #22, Phoenixville, PA - 23.25

4. Crazy Legs Conti, #29, NYC - 15.5

5. Michael Deitz, #44, Lebanon, PA - 15.25

6. Kevin Ambs, #27, Lafayette Hill, PA - 13.5

6. Ukraine Train, Langhorne, PA - 13.5

7. Jack Diamond, Bainbridge, PA - 11

8. Badlands Booker, #18, Selden, NY - 10.5

9. Wild Bill Myers, #41, Allentown, PA - 10

10. Rene Rovta, Basking Ridge, NJ - 5.5

11. Shinn, 94.5 WPST, Hamilton, NJ - 4


2016 Results

The 2nd Annual Trenton Thunder World Famous Case's Pork Roll Eating Championship took place on

September 24, 2016


1. Joey "Jaws" Chestnut
43 sandwiches

The two-time defending Pork Roll Eating Champion, Joey Chestnut is the greatest eater in history. That is not empty editorializing or bloviating. That is empirical fact. Members of the media and members of the scientific community are warmly invited to conduct their own independent analysis; MLE is confident that you will come to the same conclusions. 

  #2 - Carmen Cincotti

2. Carmen Cincotti
40 sandwiches

The original "Face of Case," Carmen made his debut in 2015 with a 7th place finish and followed it up last year with a dazzling 2nd place finish, falling just behind Chestnut. Cincotti has since cemented his place at the top of food-eating lure. He has no respect for the current world order and he is here to tear it all down without regard to the consequences. Which is why he is known as “The Mutiny.”

  #3 - Gideon Oji

3. Geoffrey esper
31 sandwiches

Geoffrey Esper is a quiet man who says very little but eats very much. At the time of writing, Mr Esper is something of a mystery and MLE is not discounting anything. For example, if it turned out that Mr Esper was an equine enthusiast, we would not be surprised. Maybe he is building a perpetual motion machine in his basement. Maybe he sings opera. Nothing is off the table. Nothing.


4. Brian Dudzinski
22.5 sandwiches

In the winter of 1777-1778, General Washington sought quarters for the American Continental Army at Valley Forge, PA, which is four miles to the south-east of present-day Phoenixville, PA, which is the hometown of MLE’s own Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski, who is the 24th-ranked eater in the world. Whether these facts are related is a matter of opinion and we shall leave you to cast your own.


5. Eric "Badlands" Booker
16 sandwiches

Known as "The People's Champ," Badlands Booker maintained a position at the top of the IFOCE rankings for years, and is still there...

He has excited fans at recent events by performing selections from his rap albums, Hungry & Focused 1-4, and he remains among the most popular eaters in America.


6. Kevin Ambs
14.5 sandwiches

Kevin Ambs goes by the nickname Qwazy, which is a crazy way of spelling Crazy. The C, which typically starts the word, is replaced with a Q. It looks odd; it is arresting. In speech, though, the effect is muted. Say "Qwazy" out loud and you'll be greeted by a mildly affected take on "Crazy." It's not so crazy after all. The origins and purpose of this nickname remain unclear at this time.


7. Micah Collins
14 sandwiches

Micah 'Wing Kong' Collins earned his bones on the tough streets of Philadelphia, out-eating chicken wing challengers nearly twice his size. Finally, a wretched old promoter named Mickey was able to get him a shot at Wing Bowl and his career on the International Poultry Circuit was hatched. Unlike many Wing Specialists, Wing Kong has been able to successfully transition to multiple food forms and continues to claw up the pecking order of Major League Eating.


T-8. Crazy Legs Conti
10.5 sandwiches

Since his auspicious debut, Crazy Legs has established himself as perhaps the most prominent entertainer/eater in Major League Eating. The A&E Network aired his namesake documentary, “Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating” in 2005, and he ate dozens of oysters on Late Night with David Letterman soon thereafter.


T-8. Wild Bill Myers
10.5 sandwiches

Few sights are as comforting to the MLE emcee upon arriving at an event as that of Wild Bill Myers, sometimes alone, often seated, and always engaged in the quiet reflection that too few of us allow ourselves in these fast-paced days of Internet phones and programable toasters. Wild BIll works in the computing sciences and prefers to eat sitting down during contests because he is a gentleman.


10. Larell Marie Mele
9 sandwiches

What is it about Larell Marie “The Real Deal” Mele that makes her so beloved among her fellow competitors? Is it her tireless enthusiasm for competing at the highest level? Perhaps it’s her megawatt Long Pond, PA-smile? Or is it those tactful words of hers, shared quietly to the loser in defeat, and in celebration with those who prevail? It is all of these things and many more besides—plus a little bit of unknowable human magic. In short, the lady’s got it. 


11. Bill Spadea
6.5 sandwiches

Bill Spadea, a long time fan of Pork Roll, is the morning show host on New Jersey 101.5 and the lead anchor for Chasing News, which airs on FOX television affiliates in New York and Philadelphia. Bill may have finished at the bottom of last year's contest, but you can't question his competitive spirit. He gave it everything he had, and he even had a little Ketchup on the side.